10 Years Ago Today

by David Bullock

In Sept 2003, I read an Inc Magazine article about advertising optimization.

“What’s Next: Better Methods” BY ROBERT X. CRINGELY Suppose you could really figure out why advertising works, and how to make it work for your business?

The funny thing is that what Cringely wrote about in that magazine article still applies and still works to this day.

There is a story behind the story….

I read the article, and he mentioned a really smart guy that used a sure-fire method to test and optimize advertising, called The Taguchi Method. So I decided to track this man down myself.

After a few calls, I became the apprentice to Dr. James Kowalick and learned the Taguchi method and TRiZ.

(As a matter of fact, just called him today, to thank him…)

To this day, reading that article and taking the action of tracking Dr. Kowalick down and calling him was the starting point for my business career. Since 2003, he has become an insightful mentor and trusted friend.

On Sept 6, 2004, I resigned from my corporate job and started on my own in business with nothing but the Taguchi Method and the software that did the calculations.

Wow, that was 10 years ago… And, boy… what a ride it has been.

Ups and downs… mistakes and restarts…

But still standing and doing well….

As I sit here and reflect, I am thankful for the mentors that I have had over the years. I have learned much and experienced much.

One thing that I know helped me along the way more than anything else is having mentors that helped me to strategize and think about what was “new to me” but old hat to them.

Since then, with the work I’ve done with Startups, corporate consulting,
books written, the network and the contacts, much of this success
has come from the mentors that I have had over the years.

With that, I would like to pass along to you what I have been fortunate to
enjoy, along this entire road of entrepreneurship:

A mentor and coach but with a bit more kick behind it.

See, most of the time a coach will just talk to you about what you are dealing with almost like a motivational cheerleader. That is great if that is all you want. A good one digs in and finds the obstacles to your success to help you breakthrough it.

But it’s all “strategy” talk. They haven’t actually EXECUTED anything to tell you what works, what doesn’t work, what saves time and effort, and what works FOR YOU.

So you have to have criteria for who you accept mentoring from:

For me, I knew I wanted a coach to have been where I am trying to go. So that he can warn me of the land mines.

Check my LinkedIn profile. I have worked in over 50 industry segments in the last 10 yrs. If anyone can alert you to the land mines…I can and I will.


Second, in this technology-driven environment of business that is so present now, I wanted a coach who was tech savvy and really understood the technology required to make things work. Things like WordPress, auto responders, copy writing, SEO, PPC and social media are “must-knows” now.

Third, I wanted a mentor that has been in the trenches doing what he is telling me to do. Not just being able to talk about it but from actual experience of doing the deal, building the business and selling the products.

I was fortunate… I had such mentors and coaches before the age of product launches and video trainings and such.

Products and group programs work great for scale but the one-on-one conversations that address what you are up to and what you are facing in terms of obstacles real or imagined get lost in the technology. No matter how advanced we get, nothing beats human-to-human contact. Hands down.

With that in mind, I want to bring old-style 1:1 coaching back. There is something about setting a real goal, brainstorming and accountability that just works to create real lasting change and success.

So here’s what I have in mind as the ultimate coaching program.

1) Your Thinking Style Profile, which we will discern by doing an HBDI Assessment. This is the same hbdi-profile (1)assessment used by executives at Fortune 100 companies. In fact, 90% of them use this assessment. Why?Because it works to find out how you actually process information and how you filter the world. This is important because the way you see the world and think has a profound effect on your ability to get things done.

I have taken this assessment and it changed my life completely. With a business owner slanted debrief, you will see what gets in the way of you getting things done. And more importantly, it will tell you why you might not be so good at certain tasks. We have all had something that we need to do but can’t seem to get it done. You may even be GOOD at doing it. It just doesn’t get done. Well, this assessment will provide you with insight into just that.

2) The Business Owner Mindset Debrief. No matter where you are at in your business – giving yourself a fresh look at yourself and your business is always a good thing. Are you running into the same problems over and over again and don’t know why? Are you not enjoying your business as much as before? The reason for that will be uncovered in your debrief – which I will deliver personally.

3) The Fast Action and Accountability Plan. During our debrief we will setup an actual project (I’ll even set you up in my own Basecamp project management platform), with steps and deadlines for you to complete toward the goal of your choosing so that you start immediately building your success muscle. I want to you hit the ground running as soon as we begin talking.

4) The Mini Web Business Assessment. This is where we preform a professional review of  your website looking for obvious opportunities for improvement in the areas of coding, copy, user interface, design, content flow, etc. This skillset was honed during the time, I was on staff at StomperNet and performed Website assessments for the participants in that program. We have successfully reviewed: Ecommerce, software, consulting sites, photography, handbag merchants, reverse mortgage, annuity sites, etc.

Now here is the catch: There is no commitment required to go forward. This is a one-shot take: Get the HBDI assessment, get the debrief with me and get a clear, concise, “here is what to do next and how to do it” action plan, and here is your mini web business assessment. The end.

Only if YOU want to continue and feel like you want to continue do we move forward. This will be on a case by case basis and I can only take 5 people at any given time for continuing coaching and mentoring. Why? Because I’m busy DOING what I’m talking about – and EXECUTING makes me more money than coaching someone else on how to execute, let’s be honest.

The assessment, debrief and action plan combination along with your insight into your personal story will be so powerful that you will be able to see change immediately. And you can implement immediately.

And as an added bonus, my experience in business development will be available to you during our debrief. You can ask me anything about anything and I will get you an actionable non theoretical answer.

So take advantage of this coaching offer. I don’t do this often. I typically work directly with larger companies. But today, as we are entering Labor Day Weekend, and as I reflect on the last ten years I want to give back to you the gift that was given to me. And together we can change your business and in turn change your life.

This coaching is available now because I am thankful for the last 10yrs at a special rate of $397.

So if you are looking to move your business forward fast, this is the way to do it.

If you have been wanting to “pick my brain” and get some quick strategic insights, this is the way to do it.

If you have been waiting for an affordable opportunity to work with me, this is the way to do it.

If you have been waiting for a one-shot, no time commitment opportunity to work with me, this is the way to do it.

Happy Labor Day. Let’s celebrate by getting to work on making your business the wealth building engine it’s supposed to be.

Take Care,

David Bullock



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