Flipping The Traffic Script – Why I don’t care about crowds.

by David Bullock

To most small business owners, more traffic means more money. “Dump that traffic on me,” they holler! “I want as many visitors to my site as I can possibly get.”

Not me.

Give me a fraction of that traffic. I don’t care. I am far more focused on converting that fraction into buyers. That’s the metric I care about. That’s the metric that matters to me, and it should to you as well.

When I’m testing, I want the smallest amount of traffic and huge conversions. What you will find as you get into the segmentation/testing mindset is that you can’t help but get small amounts of traffic, because markets are relatively small! You can’t do anything about that.

But it’s not a bad thing, people. All it means is that you’re not paying for the whole world to come to your site and crossing your fingers they will convert.  All the traffic in the world…is not necessarily your customer.  As a salesperson, if I walk into a room and try to get you to buy a robot and you’re not in the market for a robot, guess what? You’re not buying. And nothing I can do or say will change that.

But if I go into one BMW plant – just one – and tell them they need this robot to do this process, the response will be “Okay, give me ten of those.” This is because I’m talking to the right people.  Less people…but the right people.

This analogy holds true for online sales as well. Nothing has changed in sales and human nature in the last 3,000 years and its not going to start changing just because you figured out a way to dump a bunch of traffic to a site.

So stop counting how many people are visiting your site. And start making sure the right people are visiting your site. It’s a bit of a cliché, but its quality over quantity, folks. Every single time.




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