It’s Lonely (And Pricey) At The Top – Why I aspire to be #3.

by David Bullock

Anyone who knows me or reads this blog knows me to be a guy who doesn’t have a lot of patience. I will let a test run just long enough to verify if it’s working or not, but not one moment later.

I yank things that aren’t working. I don’t let them linger and cost me. If something’s not putting loot in my wallet, I quickly pull up stakes and try another test.

This has earned me a rep as someone who might be a little impatient. And that’s true, I can be. I don’t have time to waste nor the desire to waste it. But there’s one area that I’m insanely patient. Like a people-tell-me-I’m-nuts kind of patient. And that’s in my Adwords placement.

I actually don’t want to be in the first sponsored ads spot. I want only the “readers” to click on my ad. What now? People ‘reading’ online?! Hogwash, you say. People don’t read online. They skim! They flit around! But they certainly don’t read!

Yes they do. Or rather – yes, some do. And those are the folks I am willing to pay to get them to click to my site. Let me explain.

I am a huge fan of qualifying site visitors before they even get to my site. Since I can’t see them and ask them questions as they are sitting there looking at their search results, I need to find other ways to get in their heads.

So I tweak my Adwords so they appear not in the #1 position…but #3….or #5….or even #7! Why do I do this? Because anyone will click the ad in the #1 slot. And casual clickers aren’t my thing. Anyone = Not My Target Audience.

I don’t want to pay for anyone to get to my site. I want folks who really, really are looking for what I’m offering. I want people who read all the search results before they click.

I want to be waiting down there, patient as an assassin, in slot #5. Because if I’m down there and they take the time to find and read my ad and like it enough to click on it – they’re much more likely to buy from me.

So keep your top slots. I’m good down here, lurking in position #5. I call it “placement as prequalification”.



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Andrew Edwards July 16, 2011 at 11:44 pm

Hi David

As ever great advice and your posts always make me ‘think’ differently.

Who wants to waste money on Adwords? No one of course.

Thanks for the insights


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