Technology Trends : What Happened To My Blackberry

by David Bullock

What Happened To My Blackberry?

Less than 10 years ago I used:

a blackberry pager
a fax machine.
a map to find places.
a palm pilot
wore a wrist watch for the time
read physical books
watch TV on TV
checked email only on a computer
spoke to people on a wired “landline” phone
sent letters via the mail
did my banking at the bank
wrote checks to pay people
had a phone bill and paid more for long “distance”
an ethernet cable to connect to the internet

10 years ago:

I didn’t know:

what Facebook was
had never tweeted
how to create video on my computer
what an iPhone was


The list goes on and on.

The question then becomes what has changed, what is important and what do I do next to stay ahead of all of this “change” that is coming so rapidly?

I have found that I can get so caught up in what is new that I can forget what is already working and is so fundamental that we forget and attempt to reinvent the wheel every five minutes.

I was in my recording accounts and I a found about 150 recorded calls that I have done over the years with clients of mine. As I listened, I noticed that nothing has really changed.

Oh yes the technology has changed but the “way that people” do business has not changed all that much.

People still want good service. And value competent work. Now I have the good fortune to have documented the evolving conversation over the last several years.

But in the end, if we just take a moment and think back to what we are really doing in our businesses we will find that we are pretty much doing the same thing as before:

Crafting A Message.
Creating An Valuable Offer
Finding An Audience
Promoting To That Audience
Seeing If The Message Resonates With The People
Engaging In A Value Exchanging Conversation
Coming To An Agreement
Exchanging Value

With all the so-called changes, what are we really doing different?

Technology has increased our reach and ability to communicate.

But are we communicating more effectively?

Are are profiting more with this new found capability?

What I am noticing is that a great many are speaking to that idea that this world is so technical and so complicated. Is that really the case. I think the real skill in this “new world” is knowing how to cut through the complication and make things simple enough to actually do and get a result.

Anyway, “Simple Effectiveness” is what I am striving for now. Take the complications off of the whole thing and just do what works.

That is what I am teaching these days.

Websites only do a few things:

Stand in the way of traffic.
Engage with folks visually online.
Get their contact information
Start folks on a sales process
Move them to the next step as a lead or take the online payment.

Not that much else going on. This does not mean that any of it is “Easy” or does not cost money. But there is no need to make the world complicated when the goal is to make it simpler.

Just something to think about…

BTW: Blackberry has redesigned their phone and platform.. Here’s a review:




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