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ken mccarthy

Destined to transform the Internet marketing world. This is the #1 man to have in your corner. 2006 will go down as the year I met David Bullock.

Ken McCarthy
Creator of the System Seminar
Premier Internet Marketing Education

perry marshall

David Bullock is one of the world’s leading experts in multi-variable and Taguchi advertising tests. He has produced an entirely new set of criteria for what makes advertising succeed … If you’re a highly sophisticated marketer, David is your man.

Perry Marshall
Google Adwords Specialist

bob bly

If you want to try Taguchi testing, the top expert you should consult with is David Bullock. He’s got both the expertise and the software tools to set up, conduct, and interpret the results of a Taguchi test on your landing page quickly and efficiently.

Bob Bly
Independent Copywriter & Consultant

jeff hughes

The book is excellent… The thing I really liked is that you made the info simple and linear for me to grasp. This will really, really help our business and is a cornerstone of our strategy moving forward.

Jeff Hughes
President, Sterling Satellite
A division of Sterling Commerce Group, Inc.

terry kozlowski

This is the most professionally done transcript I've seen with an internet marketing product in the past 5 years.. the easiest to follow, best structured set of notes I've seen. Thank you for once again going above and beyond in customers’ expectations and giving us something of tremendous value in growing our businesses.

Terry Kozlowski
Rich and Rowdy


quote leftDavid Bullock is the only person who’s giving (or can give) you everything you need to design, implement and analyze a valid Taguchi test that can significantly increase your conversion rate. There are nuggets of pure gold in his package. Open your eyes to some of the most original thinking in internet marketing. Don’t even think about Taguchi testing until you’ve read and viewed his material.

David Farlow
Escondido, CA


quote leftYou have explained Taguchi testing in layman's terms, and have made this valuable knowledge accessible to a testing novice like me! It's truly going to transform my business. I now have a secret weapon that my competitors don't - the ability to identify what makes my prospects become customer.

Layo Osho
Surrey, UK

richard mouser

Wow, this Taguchi stuff is really working for me! I've had four sales today, never sold that many on a single day, and it's just noon!

Richard Mouser
Mr. Water Filter


quote leftI learned more about testing in a short 2-hour talk Dave gave in Chicago, than I did in the past 12 years studying all of the direct marketing giants. It will make you a lot of money for the rest of your business life. Whatever you have to do, get your hands on these DVDs and begin applying the strategies to your website immediately. This course is the best bargain of the year.

James Scott
Make A Living From Home


quote left[David Bullock’s] wisdom outperforms at least 50% of the so-called internet marketing gurus… Over-delivers in every possible way. He simply is the real deal. Definitely recommended.

Pieter van der Gulik
Marketing Partner, TheSelfEsteemBook.com

kelly muldoon

I feel SO much better now that I have talked to you because I know that I can make my sites more valuable. Please do let me know when you have the new package ready - I will be sure to purchase it right away.

Kelly Muldoon

sunny hills

You've revolutionized how I look at everything from the beginning ... With awareness and decisions about the medium, the channel and right on down the line!

Sunny Hills
The Affirmations Genius™


quote leftI was completely blown away by everything the man knows and the wisdom he shared. It's definitely not the same crap many "gurus" are marketing. I can't wait to hear what he has to say and I can't wait to get my hands on the new tool!!

Mike Carroll
McKinney, TX

zachary romero

Well worth every cent.

Zachary Romero
Copywriter, ProfitableInk.com