Do You Have A Flow Business Model

by David Bullock

Flow business is that business, revenue and income that shows up day in and day out based on the original sale. I was introduced to this concept early on while I was in the manufacturing industry. Built into the business is a backend that pays very well.

In manufacturing the flow business comprises of:

  • Spare Parts
  • Training
  • Software Upgrades
  • Service
  • Replacement of old units
  • Refurbishment

Some years later when I was introduced to the internet marketing model, I was told that this was called the “backend” but I noticed that these backends did not always follow a natural progression. In manufacturing, what the customer purchased after the sale always was in an attempt to get the most out of the equipment in terms of use. In industry, when a piece of machinery was purchased and installed, it was put to work immediately. It does not sit for very long. Equipment is purchased and an ROI is expected.
In the information marketing and consumer marketing segment, it was understood by many marketers that a percentage of people would not take the “valuable information” out of the plastic and that most of the time the “information” would never be used for a number of reasons. Even with digital products, sometimes the customer will never even login!
In the software industry, we call that shelfware. In the industrial equipment segment, we call this a “boat anchor”.
Question, how many things did you buy this year and then did not use at all?
Anyway… I digress.
What I would suggest you model is the heavy equipment industry. Sell products that naturally compliment the original purchase. Make it so that it is a no-brainer that the next purchase is not only necessary but essential to the long term success and satisfaction of the purchaser while using the product.
I know that you know all of this already. But how many of you are really doing this? How many of you are selling a one shot with no followup?  No upsell. And then wondering why you have not gotten rich selling a $97 program or a $2 kindle ebook.
Same model. Different media and platform. No scalability.
Kindle marketing is a new platform and media, not a new concept. Reading has been around since humans started drawing on walls. Don’t delude yourself into thinking that this is new.
Anyway…Learn how to create flow business and you will create real income.
BTW: One of the most ingenious flow business models can be seen in the nutritional supplement industry. The flow is in the bottle. As soon as the bottle is empty, it is time to order again. The consumer uses the product, likes the product and then buys more to maintain their health. This is one of the best flow business models around. People like to feel and look good.
Your goal is to get your prospects to “consume” your product and then come back for more.
If you are having trouble designing flow business around your product a web business assessment might be what you need to get you moving. Visit the value only offer page to get your own flow business audit.



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