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by David Bullock

I have been working in the tracking and optimization sector for a few years. I am becoming increasing intrigued with the way that content is being delivered. This is a short video about a new system that is being used to deliver customized content to the user. Content creation is not the issue anymore. It is a conversation about attention and delivery. The race for the most “eyeballs” continues. Technologies that captivate the eyeballs will win the race.

Searching for the next “big thing” in content delivery is the like the quest for the holy grail.

Enjoy the video…

 This video speaks about the convergence of content delivery on ALL devices. Mobile, social media and data collection play huge parts in this new space of interactive content. This is an exciting trend to watch evolve.

The question that I find myself in oftentimes is: How can I position myself to play in these areas of new and emerging technology?

Since the world is truly changing so fast, I am looking to what is the best trend to track and participate within.

David Bullock





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George July 16, 2013 at 1:08 am

Great post. I have been working on site creation and this article points out the way to stay ahead and understand the new trends that makes one’s site successful.

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