How Click Promise Can Increase Your Online Profits

by David Bullock

A Primer On Web Information Transporation Systems

What do you do when you have high ranking and huge amounts of traffic, but your conversions are terrible and your profits are very low.

Some of us are great at playing the SEO game.  All of the on page factors are in order. Building backlinks like crazy. Articles are being submitted and exchanged. But low to no sales.

What do you do now?


Many website owners are getting great so-called targeted traffic to their sites. But at the end of the day, they are not getting conversions. A conversion is defined as a person buying something and becoming a customer. Let’s take a closer look at this common situation.

When you go online and start your search, what are you trying to do?

I suspect that you are trying to find information about something. You may think that you are looking for something but really you are looking for information about something.
At the core, you are looking for information.

When you see the listings that are displayed by any of the search engines you automatically assume that one of these pages has the information that you want.

Now stop right there.

You have already built an expectation based on the action that you have already taken (typing in a search term). Now it is up to the website owner to fulfill that expectation by having the information requested available as soon as the searcher clicks on the link. And here is where the problems begin.

As soon as the visitor, see the page whether she likes it or not she has a reaction.

Questions like:

  • Did the page load fast?
  • Do the colors match?
  • Are the pictures of high quality?
  • Is the navigation easy to understand?
  • Is the site cluttered?

All these questions equate to: Will I find what I want on this website?

In mere fractions of a second, the visitor determines by some criteria – Yes or No. If yes, the visitor will hang around for a while. If No, the back button is clicked. This is called bounce rate.

A high bounce rate for your main pages is not a good thing. But here is a way to fix it.

But first we have to understand a few terms:

Click Promise – The promise in the link that the searcher sees in the search engine listing.

Click Expectation – The expectation of what is on the other side of the click, if the searcher clicks through.

Link Travel – The most preferred way to move online is via the link.

Click promise and click expectation are the main factors for people leaving a website immediately.

If you promise and deliver the information that the visitor is looking for on the other side of the click, you will have your visitors happy. And happy visitors buy.

One of the easiest ways to do this if you are using Pay per click (PPC) is to place the PPC ad copy in the subheadline of the page that people will see after clicking on the ad. If you can match the language from the page that sent the people to the page you have a better chance of holding the connection and actually communcating your message to the visitor.

If they see what they just saw on the previous page, they will be assured that they are in the right place.

Visitors only want to see the information that is relevant to their search. And at first, they only want to see what they requested no more and no less. Then and only then will they venture into other parts of the site.

Having in text links is another way to move your visitor further into your sale cycle.

An “in-text-link” is a link that is right in the middle of a sentence that sends people to another part of the site to get more information about the subject matter that is behind a highlighed word or phrase.

But let’s look closely at what an in-text-link does. It provides a click promise to the viewer for more information about the subject matter they are interested in.

Your on site navigation is also providing a click promise. If your site is filled with meaningless links that tell the visitor nothing and send them no where, you will have unhappy visitors.

So take a look at the links on your site and the listings that you have on the search engines to see if you are making promises and keeping them.

Remember Click Promise, Click Expectation and Information Delivery are fundatmental to the conversion formula. Without those three factors in place you have no foundation for profitability.

David Bullock



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