Integrating Your Marketing & Connecting The Dots – Webinar Series

by David Bullock

Have you ever seen an opportunity in the marketplace and wondered what would have happened if you had taken the chance to actually go with a hunch and do something? What did you do then and what are you going to do in the future when opportunity presents itself?

In May 2008, I was presented with an idea with an uncertain future. But I seized the opportunity and a whole new world has opened up for me. As I write this post today, I am pleased to be able to share with you what I had been up to and the adventure it has been.

Key Take Away : One project that is well selected and executed in a timely fashion can change your life.

You own it. No one can take it away from you. And the lessons that you learn along the way are priceless.

The Project That Started With A Conversation

Over the past year I have been working on several projects some good some bad. But all of them taught me something.  As I have been watching the market, I have noticed that there is this idea that you only need one skill, one magic product or one super-secret technique to create a wonderful empire.

With Barack 2.0, we have spent over 12 months expanding the blog into a book, which then grew to a full-blown business and speaking career.  There was no one product or skill that we used to accomplish this.  It took a bunch of pieces to complete the puzzle.

We incorporated:

  • Offer Creation
  • Salesmanship
  • Traffic Generation
  • Content Deployment
  • Listbuilding
  • Repackaging
  • Leverage Management
  • Taguchi Thinking
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Blogging
  • Copy Writing
  • Online and Offline Networking
  • Public Speaking
  • Social Media
  • SEO
  • Pay-Per-Click
  • Strategy
  • Tactics
  • Seminar and Webinar Presentation
  • Building Credibility
  • Social Proof
  • Public Relations (Credibility Public Building)
  • E-commerce
  • Distribution
  • etc…

As you can see, there many pieces that we fit together as part of the process. The whole thing as I look at it now has many moving parts.

Take A Look…

The evidence of this project are right here on the media page. Check it out. This is not a flash-in-the-pan project. We didn’t catch some fish yesterday and tell you where to find the great secret lake today. This was a methodical step-by-step process that grew over time. See the market. Package the idea. Keep moving. And learn along the way. Regardless of the changes in technology, there are some fundamental underlying principles that are a road map for how this works.

I wanted the road map not the highlights or the cliff notes.

This project has completely repositioned my business because the lessons learned have been so valuable.

Knowing what it takes to build a business, I can’t, in good conscience, tell you that any one of these things is all it takes.

It is time for me to share what I have learned.  I have decided to do short webinars every Monday. We’ll talk about one of these “pieces” each week.  You’ll see how they all integrate together to build a real business – not just online, but also offline.

Typically, I would record these alone and they would get locked up in a strong box and a few people would get them. Notice : the only other “course” that I have ever published was my Taguchi Marketing Course (taken off market). That was the result of 3 yrs of work. My students who took that course (and did the work) have had incredible increases with their businesses.


Every Monday at 7 Central / 8 Eastern, we’ll discuss one of these topics and its real-world application so you learn how to integrate new and old media into your business. I will share tools and insights that I suspect with help you move forward quickly. These are interesting times and you need real information and thinking that you can use today.

Signup to Webinar Series Here
Webinar, Monday March 29 – “Creating Your Offer”
8PM EST– 9PM EST / 7 – 8 PM Central US
Go there now and register, as we have limited number of spaces available.


DISCLAIMER : This stuff is not easy.  It takes time, effort, and expertise.  I’d like to share my experience so you can learn as you move along and build your own business. I don’t have to make income claims. This is all about you. And what you are willing to do to take ahold of your life and use the tools that you have available to you to move forward.

Please note : I have never done the same presentation twice if you miss it and don’t register you have missed that moment in time. Here’s an interview that I did last month with WordPress. Give a listen as I learned alot while doing this interview…

The webinars will be free to those on my mailing list.  We’ll send out invitations in advance of each webinar so that you can register, as space is limited.  We will have a recording available to registered attendees following each webinar. They are Free for all who wish to attend. And I will do them until I have captured the essence of this fantastic journey. Depending on the turnout and interest, will determine how many I do.

The first event will be held on March 29, and weekly thereafter.  Here is the registration link for the first webinar on March 29th.  The topic will be “Creating Your Offer.”

Format Of Calls : START Formula – This will be explained briefly at the beginning of the first call.

Webinar, Monday March 29 – “Creating Your Offer”
8PM EST– 9PM EST / 7 – 8 PM Central US
Go there now and register, as we have limited number of spaces available.


I look forward to hearing from you and to your participation in this webinar series. And your questions are welcomed.

Best regards,
David Bullock



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