Leveraging Your Greatest Unique Resource

by David Bullock

Over the last few years, I have moved from handling big pieces of heavy equipment to knowledge exchange and service offerings. And it just dawned on me that most people have not sold and created value for both the tangible and intangible markets. 

So here we go…Is your offer valuable?

That is a fundamental question that few people can really answer. It’s a simple question with big implications…

Your “thing,” whatever it is, needs to be defined in several ways:

  • It is Valuable to whom?
  • Who is willing to buy your stuff and why?
  • Who sets the value of your product or service?
  • How do you know it is valuable?
  • How do you create value?
  • Can you tell me in 20 words or less why what you are doing is valuable?

In the last 20 years I have worked in some very interesting very different industries. And when I say worked, I mean I worked in the industry – not as a consultant, but hands-on and got results for myself, my employer or client.

So follow me as we look at two different types of markets and offers that I have worked with:

Big [Kill-You-Dead-If-You-Do-It-Wrong] Products 

  • Heavy Equipment Support – Industrial Lubrication 
  • Heavy Equipment – Robotic Programmer to Account Manager

Digital (Building Communication and Response Systems)

  • Pure Knowledge Work – Taguchi Testing And System Optimization
  • Knowledge Work – Seminars, Books, Information, Webinars
  • Services – Lead Generation
  • Online System Design – Landing Pages
  • New Media – Branding And Positioning
  • Entertainment – Emotional Appeal and Art

These represent the teaching, training and performance I have done in the marketplace in very different markets.

Do you see the brain stretch? What I am reflecting on is that I have not forgotten what I have learned through all of these situations. I keep on building on the experiences and leveraging up and out of markets.

Here are two things for you to consider:

  • Are you building on your experiences to create value?
  • What did you do “over there” that can be useful “over here”?

Key Point: Your experience is your greatest unique resource.

Take a moment and inventory your experiences and see if you can use today anything that you have done in the past. We as humans tend to forget things. We tend to think that what worked in one situation will not work anywhere else. And then on the other side some of us assume that what worked “over there” will work everywhere.

Both are erroneous assumptions.

There are only a few universally applicable axioms. “Experience (if you are paying attention) is a great teacher” is one of them.

Look around your world and determine what you really have to work with and use all of your resources to move forward.

Just when you think you don’t have what you need your experience should tell you to look again.

Be well,

David Bullock



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Sandy April 14, 2010 at 2:39 pm

Words of wisdom… thanks for sharing!

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