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Resources For Taguchi Response Advertising Optimization

Using The Taguchi Method For Marketing:
Tools & Resources

David's Notes: Please be aware that my intellectual property around Taguchi-TRIZ techniques and methods are found in the tools that I recommend. I have worked with these vendors and software providers to enhance their product offering and will receive a commission. I only recommend tools and resources that I have personally used to aid my tracking and testing effort with clients and with my personal projects.


tool iconVertster (special offer if you reference this site)
Hosted Online testing platform. This platform is highly recommended. It performs split testing, Taguchi and Design of Experiment (DOE). The graphics package that is available with this software provide easy visual analysis of your test results. This is a complete online testing suite.

Some of the features of this platform are:

  • No software to load on your server.

  • Template-driven experiment design. (Walks you through step-by-step)

  • Great online documentation

  • Enterprise Level Application

  • Many of the features and functions that I require for my testing are built in.

  • Real time stats

  • Ease of use. You can click and create a creative after you set up your template, and can change the test configuration with a few clicks of your mouse.

  • This is a hosted solution.

  • SEO protection. You can test without degrading your search engine rankings.

  • Profit protection

  • Monthly subscription (Special Trial Offer*)

My Personal Comments:
This was the first tool that I used when I was starting to test. At that time, it was the only platform that was even close to providing the functionality that I required. Since then, I have worked with the developers to improve the tool and create advanced features and functions. I have used this application with many projects and it has worked very well. The graphic analysis is what makes this application very effective. You can see what is happening with your test, as opposed to just reading the numbers.



tool icon
This is a complete online testing organizing system for Taguchi Matrix-based tests. This is an especially good program if you are not working in an online market space, using printed media such as direct mail, space ads in magazines, newspapers, postcards, and newsletters. These are the "other" media that you should be testing.

This is a wonderful tool to organize your test, and document results and analyze results, with an easy-to-use interface for your entire advertising optimization project.