The B-2-Who Market? Which is really the easier sell?

by David Bullock

At first glance, one would think that selling a $17.95 eBook would be far easier to pull off then selling, say, a $17,950 piece of machinery.

Or is it? Think about it.

No really, I mean think about it. You have to.

As a fledgling business owner, thinking about who you want to sell to (and why are they buying) needs always to be part of your research and planning as you enter the market.  Even if you have already entered a business model or market, you need to look long and hard at who your best customer could be. Is it the end consumer…or might it be the middleman?

Always be ready to adapt, change, jettison and restart.

Are you selling things to consumers that you hope they like and you are crossing your fingers that they want?  Wouldn’t it be far simpler to sell things someone already needs? Someone like a business owner?

Consider finding products and services that businesses and business owners need, want and can afford. The idea is simple- offer businesses what they need to continue doing business.

They are in the business of staying in business and you have a much better chance of consistently profiting in the business-to-business markets where there is an obligation of the business owner to maintain his business for the sake of his employees and those customers that he serves.

If his business is worth millions of dollars every year, as long as your pricing is in line and you provide value that adds to the bottom line…you can have customers for life, and enjoy larger, more consistent profits.

If you are working with a business and they are looking to stay in business, you have to adapt your offer to help them to stay in business. It is not a question of “maybe we will stay in business or not.” It is a question of “who can help me to stay in business and keep my operation running smoothly”.

Do you agree? Disagree? What’s keeping you from the B2B market. Leave me a comment below.



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Andrew Edwards October 8, 2011 at 12:22 am

How very true, as always David

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