The Value Of Observation And Action

by David Bullock

Have you even found an old box, and as you go through the box you remember the things that were happening when you were accumulating those items?

Finally, I did an inventory last week and unearthed at least 5 years worth of unreleased content. Notes, ebooks, videos, mindmaps, old courses etc.

This stuff has been sitting on eight hard drives for the last several years.

Let me tell you what this stuff is…

It is the thinking that has allowed me to move out of corporate America, into my own business and now back into a corporate setting as a Chief Marketing Officer.

This is fundamental stuff. Not the fads or the hype for the newest thing that you can use to make your next zillion dollars.


I got to thinking about what it takes to create a real income in the current marketplace and looked at one of my best projects which was the B20 case study. No matter how you feel about the current state of affairs of our government, the 2008 election was a pivotal year for communications technology.

Let me tell you why…

Social Media had just gotten on the radar of major media. There were only a few celebrities even paying attention and the major media had not caught up yet. And corporate had not clued into the fact that the market was shifting under their feet. And mobile was not yet the 8th channel that it is now.

This work was put together when new media was “new”. But we noticed a very interesting thing. The fundatmentals remain the same. The technology changes but people don’t.

This is an important part.

When the whole world is not paying attention is when you can find your crease in the defense to slip through.

The question is do you have the wherewithall to “see” what what coming before the rest of the word gets the memo?

This is stuff is real. You can check it out

In 2009–2010 we:

  • Got over 70 mentions in major media
  • Delivered 42 speaking engagements
  • Published a book
  • Consulted for Congressmen and Gubernatorial Candidates
  • Met with some of the top campaign managers in the world
  • Become CMO of a company

and so on.

All this from observing the market and then deciding to move to action quickly and enter the market and then adjust with every step.

As I looked on those hard drives at all of this content, I realized that it is not the accumulation of knowledge that makes you successful. It is what you do with that knowledge and how you leverage it to take care of your concerns.

So that being said….  Earlier this year, I did a 6 week webinar series where I outlined what we learned during the 2008 Presidential Campaign and how we applied it to our businesses. This is some of my best work as it outlines what we saw the in the market doing 2008 election. But more importantly, what actions did we take as business owners during 2009–2010 to propel us to the levels where we are today? This has been a 3 year ongoing case study. Not a shortsided look at what works today and may not be working tomorrow.

The Ideation to Transaction Blueprint is complete and I am using it now to build another company. So if you are at all interested in the step-by-step sequence that was used to move a man to the highest office in the land on the big stage and the same blueprint that was used to move me to new levels of business you will want to check out the updated B20 Project Package.

Til next time,

David Bullock



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