Online profits are NOT all about Traffic & Conversion! What many business owners overlook…

by David Bullock

For years, we have all heard the formula that states:

Traffic + Conversions = Income

But without first having a profitable and valuable offer, a business owner doesn’t have anything to drive traffic towards. What’s more, if you first focus on creating a valuable offer you will automatically know who the offer is valuable to…and who will actually want to listen to the offer. Only then will be able to best determine where and how to market.

In other words – it all starts with the offer, not the traffic source.

Just recently Google slapped one of my clients. While we were going through this very frustrating experience, it occurred to me that it does not matter how much money you spend on any given platform… if the owner of the “traffic platform” changes something, your business is shot.

But if you create an “offer-dependent business model” and not “traffic-dependent model, your thinking is different and so, you can keep moving no matter what the traffic source shifts.

A profitable offer just needs targeted exposure not necessarily targeted traffic. The difference between targeted exposure verses targeted traffic is that exposure comes from multiple channels. Traffic typically comes from only one channel.

Case in point? The Internet. It really is one channel. Not matter how you slice it. I

It includes:

Social Media
Video Marketing
Audio Marketing
Media Buys

Basically – if it involves people finding you online and clicking a link, then guess what? You are still using just one channel.

Whereas, if you can just move to another channel like TV, newspaper, magazine, radio or face to face…then a whole world opens up for you.

See, the internet has really limited our marketing thinking. Instead of thinking about offers and exposure, we are only thinking about traffic and conversion. The traffic and conversion limits what we think about and where we are looking for prospects.

A “me-too” weak offer exposed to millions is a numbers game. But a valuable, profitable offer…exposed on the right channel…to the right people… is worth millions.

Here’s how to develop your own Profitable and Valuable Offer Multi-Channel Offer. The formula is really very simple,

1. Develop a Valuable, Profitable Offer.
2. Speak About the Offer on the right medium.
3. Deliver The Message about the Offer to folks who want, need and can afford the Offer.
4. Have Offer Accepted.
5. Deliver On The Promise Made In the Offer.

So ask yourself – does the Internet have you, as a business owner, playing a numbers game? Or a real business development game? Tell me in the comments below!



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Jamaal December 19, 2011 at 11:47 am

David, great article and I agree 100%. However, relating to the last paragraph, whether it’s online, offline and across many mediums it still come down to numbers and providing everything is equal, he who has the most numbers wins a bigger portion of the pie…Thanks for sharing…

David Bullock May 13, 2012 at 11:51 am


You are very welcome. And yes it all comes down to the numbers.

Be well,

David B.

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