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I guarantee...I can look into your business, maximize the resources that you already have and make you money -- without spending anymore additional moeny on advertising or promotion

What Do You and Your Business Need?

-- Lower costs? Increased sales?

-- Penetration of new markets? Skills to ward off the competition?

-- Innovation of business practices? New offers?

Your business may need a set of fresh eyes to find the hidden profits locked within. Just having a web site does not mean that it is integrated and working at full capacity for your business.

In fact, I guarantee that I can look into your web business process, maximize the resources that you already have and guide you to increased profits without spending additional money on advertising or promotion.

Here are some of the web businesses that we have reviewed over the years:

Financial Services - www.seniorannuityalert.com
Maternity Acupressure - www.maternityacupressure.com
MLM Prospecting Tools - www.firstclassmlmtools.com
DUI Attorney Leads - www.myduiattorney.org
Management Consultant - www.strategicinnovations.net
Ecommerce - Water Filters - www.mrwaterfilter.com
Energy Management Software - www.verisae.com
Ecommerce - Jewelry, Diaper Bags - www.blissliving.com
Ecommerce - Gun Safes - http://www.browning-gun-safe.com/

We have done 100s of these assessments in a variety of industries. So you can imagine that over time patterns emerge as to what really works. But more importantly, we have also found out that one size does not fit all. Remember, the principles of web business creation and profits are the same everywhere.

But the one factor that makes the biggest difference is the actual business owner.

Let me explain: Every business owner brings to the table their own set of resources, skills and willingness to do what needs to be done to create and maintain a successful business. The website is simply an extension of the business owner. So part of the beauty of having a one-on-one web business assessment is that you get exactly what you need to move forward not a stamped out one size fits all system that worked for someone else 2 years ago that was packaged and recycled to sell to you. This assessment and action plan is tailored to you and your specific situation.

If you are trying to increase your profits, improve your return on investment and reduce your costs, I would like to have a conversation with you to see how we can increase your profitability.

Here's the Simple "Value Only" Offer

The process is very simple.

We'll start with a complete rankings, traffic, sales, systems setup positioning, messaging, language and design assessment of your web business process.

Then, we will have a 30 to 60 minute followup call to go over what we find. During the call, we'll discuss your most pressing online sales, marketing or business concerns and isolate solutions. This will actually be a mini one-on-one seminar

Finally, we'll send you complete actionable overview that will outline the steps to handle your situation right now.

Start the process and get your comprehensive web business audit starting at $297. For this modest investment, you can can create a significant increase to your top and bottom line.

To start the Web Business Asssessment, take these steps:

1. Enter Your Phone Number and website URL Below

2. Pay for the assessment via PayPal by clicking the "Buy Now" button below.

3. Within 2 -3 business days, we'll complete a preliminary evaluation of your web site and schedule a 30 - 60 minute call with you to review our findings and recommendations.

4. After our call, we'll prepare a detailed proposal for you to consider to make sure that what we discuss gets done.

If you have any questions at all about what this can do for the online component of your business, please call (305) 965-3828. I look forward to speaking and working with you soon.

Best regards,

David Bullock - ProfitEngineer

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