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by David Bullock

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I have been very quiet over the last several months for a few reasons.  If you noticed after we blueprinted the whole Obama Marketing Campaign, I stopped blogging, I stopped tweeting, I stopped e-mailing, I stopped Facebooking…

Just stopped all of it… Why?

Because I found that all of that activity is still in a paradigm for mass marketing and not truly in the new media paradigm. The way I am moving in the marketplace now is 3 levels up from how I was moving last year this time.

I call it multi market knowledge and leverage.  Top down, not the bottom up.

In a nutshell, thinking across many markets simultaneously is THE secret weapon that most business owners don’t have.  This is because they can’t see multiple markets as they move. That’s right: Markets have a life and a lifecycle that you have to truly understand in order to know when to get in them, and when to get out.

The successful CEO/business owner is one who can see markets and make decisions.  But, now a new breed of CEO is transforming the way business is done.  One that can not only see but also execute. A CEO that can move from ideation to transaction.

I have been learning a lot over the last 60 days. And my business has changed into the business that I only wish I had the wherewithal to design some years ago. Today I am coming up for air.

Why so quiet and busy?

The election cycle started. Much of the political market is trying to use the social web, but fumbling the game, because it’s easy to get seduced by tactics when the overall strategy is not in place. I picked up a few political clients, running gubernatorial and congressional election campaigns. What I have learned from those projects really shifted my mindset in terms of the value of market knowledge.

Next, some of you know that I took on a position as CMO of The Nurse Company. That’s right: I have gone back to work and reinserted myself into the “matrix” after several successful years of being out on my own. So now I am really busy handling my responsibilities as an executive of a fast-growing company. What I am finding is the market has truly shifted.  It is moving faster than ever before but those of us who can think and see the markets as they change can *win in any market at anytime.*  You have everything that you need right now to create a business for yourself that is beyond anything you could ask for or imagine. But there is a bit of a secret.

You have to be able to “see” markets and then execute effectively.

By now you know the Barack2.0 story. Saw market. Created Blog. Created book. BANG: Open doors to political space, business space, leadership space, speaking space, newspapers, magazines, radio, etc…

And yet, that was nothing compared to what happened next…

I had the good fortune of meeting Ms.  Monikah Ogando.  Let me tell you a little about Monikah:

  • Charles Schwab Financial Planner, then started her own business
  • Inc  500 named her company as one of the fastest growing companies In the United States
  • Extraordinary Business Coach @ The CEO Level

So she has a perspective on executive coaching that is very unusual. She coaches but has also built a real company from the ground up and has a background in financial planning.

Those three experiences in the same body makes her look at business very powerfully and makes her extremely valuable to anyone she coaches because she understands the beginning, the middle and the end. There is another level of business that most folks don’t even know exists. There are markets and business models that are more profitable as an idea that never gets off the ground than an executable game plan. Then there are product, affiliate and information product business platforms. That is where I have been playing these last few months.

Anyway, I have learned so much from Monikah that I thought it would be valuable to you if we shared some of our conversations with you in a series of webinars that we are calling “The CEO Mastery Series” www.CEOMasterySeries.com

Your competitive advantage is not knowing PPC, Social Media or SEO or copywriting. It is not in the next course that tells you “how to do.” Your competitive advantage is the ability to see, deconstruct and execute effectively within the markets that you pursue. This is more about how you think and not what to do tactically. Once you understand and have a structure for thinking, the rest falls into place.

On Wednesday August 11th at 9pm EST / 8 pm CST I will be interviewing Monikah. I don’t know where the conversation will go but it will be recorded for download later. If you walk away with one nugget or grand insight from this call then it will be well worth your time.
Change happens in an instant when you are connected to the right people.

And there is more that I am doing that I will update you on during the call. Social media is moving to another level and you need to know what it is. See you on the call.

Details are here : www.CEOMasterySeries.com

See you on the call,

David Bullock



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Hazel Nieves August 17, 2010 at 1:18 pm

Interesting post. I so agree with you the business landscape and marketplace is changing at a rate that is unbelievable. I believe there will what I call “The Great Business Divide” where those who are willing to shift and engage will be profitable and competitive in business and those who are content with status quo or not willing to do what it takes to change will find it very hard to stay in business.

What has been frustrating to me as a digital strategy business consultant is the difficulty in convincing businesses they must make these types of changes and do so now. Are you finding this to be true as well?

I missed your interview with Monikah. Is that recording available to listen to?

Keep up the great work David. I like the way you think!
Hazel Nieves

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