Did You Create The Wrong Business?

by David Bullock

Are in the wrong business? Does your business support the way you think?

Being “stuck in business” is far more common that you think. In fact, you might be one of these people. You can purchase all of the information, books about strategy and tactics you want. If your thinking style is misaligned with your business model you will not get the results (nor happiness) that you want.


I was speaking with a friend this afternoon.

I asked her why she was in the business that she is currently in and she said, “This is where I ended up.” And this reminded me of another friend of mine that worked for a large manufacturer. When I met him he told me that he was only expecting to be there 2 years. But, it turned out that he was there for over 20 years. This tells me that people act on habits even after the situation is no longer workable.

My friend, who is a business owner, told me that she just didn’t want to do what she has been doing for the last several years. It was not fun anymore. It is not that her business is not working, but what is happening is that what she was doing in the past is not working as well. And as you can suspect, when it is not working well, the joy of working goes away.

Now this is what I would expect to hear from employees. But not from a business owner.

Everything changes. This is true.

Everything except you and how you process or “think about” things. You have a thinking style that you have had since the time that you learned how to talk. Circumstances can and do change around you. Your job can change. The market will change. But your thinking style does not change unless you have a significant emotional trauma.

Too many times, business owners (or employees) stay too long doing what they have always done hoping for a different result.

That is insanity.

What if you actually knew how you actually thought about things? And at the core what situations in business you preferred to experience?

Things to think about…

As the conversation continued, I mentioned to my friend the 4 Stories Of Business.

  • Your Story – What do you actually like to do? What do you think?
  • Market Story – What are the communication media? What is the competition?
  • Product Story – What is actually being delivered? How is it being delivered?
  • Customer Story – Who do you actually work with?

I asked her which of the stories actually were still working with the business that she has created. Try it yourself and see what you come up with.

We talked about how these stories aligned. We talked about what she really liked to do based on how she thinks … not the circumstance. It took awhile but then we came up with is a “new plan” for her current business model that fits her like a glove. She got off the phone happy. And she was able to immediately start moving in a new direction with a workable plan.

Alignment is the key to all of this.

If your personal story does not align with the other 3 stories, you will find yourself at some point scratching your head asking, “What am I doing? and more importantly “Why am I doing this?”.

Before doing anything, the first step is to take an inventory not only about what you like but also what you are good at and most importantly what you naturally like to do. This is at the surface, under all of this is your thinking style which is a bit harder to “see”.

One of the ways to inspect how you actually think is to do a thinking style assessment. Please know that thinking style is not personality. How you think, process information and communicate is not personality. It is thinking style.

(Read about The HBDI Here).

Two things to consider:

#1: There are many personality tests out there. But there is only one that speaks to your personal thinking style both while at “Steady State and Under Stress”. Or as I say it.. in bliss or breakdown.

#2: Further, your after assessment conversation is critical. Make sure that after you get the results back, you take a look at your results against your actual business experience. And make sure that the person doing the debrief has your best interest at heart so that the interpretation of these results will motivate you to move forward and not leave you in a “beat up” conversation about where you are. The actual business development skills of the debrief consultant are critical. After the debrief, you will be able to redesign your experience of your business by just shifting your responsibilities. The debrief will unearth both your thinking profile and your current personal narrative. A supportive interpretation of your thinking about your business model is critical for your success.

My Personal Experience With This Assessment

I shifted my business after I took this thinking style assessment. Here’s why…

I found out that I enjoyed innovation and people more than process work although by schooling you would think that I love process. Once I knew what my thinking and communication style was, I shifted the types of clients and work so that I would not find myself trying to figure out why I was not enjoying my work so much any more.

Once you know your thinking style you can make adjustments. When you don’t know how you actually think you may find yourself in situations that are forced because you are there based on education or circumstances. In the end, carried along by the current of life.

As a business owner, technically you can create any business that you want. You became a business owner because you wanted freedom and to call your own shots. Or, out of necessity to keep a roof over your head. But in the end, you created the circumstance that you are in right now. So you can adjust it to work for you.

If you have created a business that is not working for you in any way now … then it is up to you to change it to serve you and bring you joy.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I really enjoy what I am doing?
  • Am I good at it?
  • Has the market shifted and I am just holding on?
  • Do I enjoy the people I work with?
  • Do I enjoy the market in with I work?
  • Do I enjoy the product and offer that I make to the world?

Depending on how you answer the questions above, it is time to take a thinking style assessment and get a debrief so that you can know what may work for you and bring you the joy that you went into business to attain.

The thinking style assessment and personal narrative discovery is not the only part of this process. The output of the assessment is a profile. But what makes it work is the debrief where you go through your profile and uncover how your thinking style aligns with your current business situation. The is the key to unlocking your success in business.

And then to make it really work, create an action map in the form of a mini project to get moving in a way that supports your thinking style. So now your new found knowledge has results to back it.

End the frustration. And enjoy your the life your business supports.

This assessment is one of the best things that I could have stumbled upon.

Next Steps For Complete Business Narrative Alignment Program

Once you understand your thinking style and current personal narrative you can reprogram yourself for success and shift your reality.

Because of the profound effect that they profile has had on my business and life. I have created a complete system for the readers of my blog.

You will complete an HBDI Thinking Style And Personal Narrative Profile

  • This will determine your thinking style. Not what you think but how you think.
  • Once you know how you actually think then you can make adjustments.
  • The questions will take about 30 mins to take.
  • This assessment is used by companies like: American Express, Bank of America, MTV and GE to help managers and employees become more productive.
  • As a business owner, this will give you and your team insight into your thinking style so that you can become more productive and aligned with your business.

You will receive a 30 min Business Alignment Narrative Assessment (BANA):

  • This will allow you to see if the way you are currently conducting your business is working with or against your thinking style.

You will receive 15 Day Action Alignment Plan:

  • We will create a narrative that supports your thinking preferences. Preference alignment will allow you to better process your current business situation.
  • We will create a 15 day plan on a mini-goal of your choice. We will map out next action steps and resources to attain one short term business goal that you are looking to achieve immediately.

Because you are reading this blog and I am doing this as a pilot program I am offering it for only $395.

Again, I have actually done this profile and business debrief process myself. When it changed my life in such a positive way, I became certified in the assessment debrief process.

I think that business owners are important to the way the world works and every business owner deserves to create the life and business that s/he desires.

Be well,

David Bullock



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